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Najwa Distribution (M) Sdn. Bhd is a leader in the quality branded toiletries and beauty care products made of natural ingredients & Halal source in Malaysia. It was incorporated in 1998, and was the first Bumiputra holdings company in Malaysia to produce Najwa (Kayu Sugi) Herbal Toothpaste in Malaysia 1998.

Najwa produce and market a wide range of quality personal care and beauty care products for the local and export market such as Herbal Toothpaste, Bath Soap, Shampoo, Lotion and Spa Beauty products. The Company's toiletries products have a strong consumer following and are represented by strong brands such as Najwa (Kayu Sugi) Herbal Toothpaste.

Najwa believes in product innovation and is well supported by its Management and Research Development of Najwa products. The Company constantly strives to improve its processes and products efficacy in order to deliver products of high quality to its consumers. It was the first company in Malaysia to introduce a quality Soap Bar scientifically formulated using high quality and pure extracts of Habatus Sawda (Nigella Sative) powder. This product is launched and marketed in Malaysia in 2007 and received good feedbacks from satisfied consumers for beauty and healthy skin.

The quality of the Najwa’s products is paramount. Quality Control and Quality Assurance are prime considerations. In line with this, Najwa Products’s manufacturing facilities has continually been accredited with ISO 9001 certification. Strong emphasis is also placed on product quality with GMP (Goods Manufacturing Practice) System covering all its plants. In addition, the Company also has Environment Management System and Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series for taking care of the environment and safety of its workers. The Company’s products are Halal certified by Islamic Authority Malaysia (JAKIM) and approved by Ministry of Health Malaysia (MOH).

Najwa products are available at Hypermarkets, Pharmacies and selected retail outlets. Najwa products are also exported to overseas countries such as Middle East, Jordan, Europe, US/Canada and Asia. The company is actively involved in research and innovation of new products in order to give more and better choices to consumers in a Natural Alternative, Safe and Halal manner.

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